How to Cook Chawanmushi(With Udon)

Cooking time:
Difficulty level

Ingredients:For 2~3 Servings

YOROZUYA Men Tsuyu Konbu & Katsuo Flavo Tbsp 3
Egg 2
Udon noodles (uncooked) To taste
Chicken 40g
Shiitake mushrooms 1
Small amount of carrot
Mitsuba(Japanese parsley) To taste

How to Cook

1. Cut chicken and shiitake mushrooms for small pieces.
2. Slice the carrots.
3. Cut the mitsuba into 3 cm width.
4. Put the ingredients in the bowl.
5. Put the eggs in a bowl and mix well.
6. Add 200 ml of water and mix well.
7. Add YOROZUYA Men Tsuyu Konbu & Katsuo Flavor and mix.
8. Pour into the cups while straining with a colander.
9. Pour about 3 cm of water into the pot and heat it.
10. When it boils, put the cups inside and put a paper towel between the lid and the cups to cover it.
11. Steam on low heat for 10 minutes.
12. Open the lid and leave it for 10 minutes.
13. Finally, turn off the heat and put the mitsuba.
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