How to Cook Oyakodon

Cooking time:
Difficulty level

Ingredients:For 1 Serving

YOROZUYA Men Tsuyu Konbu & Katsuo Flavo 50ml
Chicken Thigh 70g
Onion 1/4
Fried Tofu To Taste
Egg 1
Pinch of Green Onion as needed
Steamed Rice 1 Bow

How to Cook

1. Cut chicken for small pieces.
2. Slice the onion.
3. Cut the green onions into 5mm widths.
4. Put YOROZUYA Men tsuyu Konbu & Katsuo Flavor and 100 ml of water in a pan and heat.
5. When it boils, put chicken, onions and fried tofu in a pan.
6. When it's cooked, add the beaten egg.
7. When the egg is cooked, put it on steamed rice and sprinkle green onions.

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