How to Cook Cold Lemon Inaniwa Udon

Cooking time:
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The refreshing taste of fresh lemon is perfect for hot summers! It's very easy to cook, so even those who are not good at cooking can do it right away ♪


Inamiwa-Fu Udon 1
Attached soup 1 bag
Lemon 1/2
Green onion 1 green onion
Grated ginger as needed
Mineral water 170ml

How to Cook

1. Slice half lemon.
2. Cut a piece of green onion.
3. Mineral water-170ml,Put the supplied soup 1 bag.
4. Mineral water
5. Put the Udon and Boil 3 minutes.(Never mix it with Chopsticks)
6. Add water-cooled udon to the soup.
7. Complete with lemon, leek and grated ginger!

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