How to Cook Soymilk Sanuki Udon

Cooking time:
Difficulty level
Just add soy milk to increase the richness and mellowness, and you can enjoy another taste ♪
You can make various arrangements just by changing the ingredients and seasonings!


Sanuki Udon 1
Attached soup 1 bag
Sliced Pork 30g
Green onions 2 green onions
Soymilk 230ml
White roasted sesame seeds as needed
Chili oil as needed

How to Cook

1. Chopped 2 green onions.
2. Soymilk 230ml Put a bag of attached soup.Stop the fire when it gets warm.
3. Put the Udon and Boil 3 minutes.(Never mix it with Chopsticks)
4. Put add Sliced Pork and boil quickly.(1~2min)
5. Pour soymilk soup into boiled udon noodles.
6. Put onion, pork, chili oil and white roasted sesame seeds and complete!

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