How to Cook Oishii yorozuya Rice Onigiri

Cooking time:
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Here's how you can easily cook rice with a hot pot.
And, I will teach you how to make a triangle rice ball!
Please try using various ingredients.


Rice 3 cups
Water 3 cups
Salt as needed
Dried seaweed as needed

How to Cook

1. Wash 3 Cups(450g) of yorozuya Rice in a large bowl.Wash until water change clear color.
2. Soak the rice under water for 30 minutes.Recommend use Soft or Low Alkaline Water.
3. Combine rice and water(540ml).Heat on high heat until boiling.
4.Put on cover and change low heat.Cook for 8~10min.After turn off and keep on cover for 10min.
5. Open the Cover and Enjoy.
6. Prepare Water, Salt and Cooked Rice.
7. Lightly put water and salt on hand.
8. Put the rice in one hand and cover other hand with making mountain shape.
9. Rolling until become triangle shape.
10. Add NORI and complete!Japanese classic rice ball.

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